Corona Virus – Who cares?

It is You!!!  You are already facing the Corona virus. Do you know Corona is already your invisible friend? Do you know when it turns into your enemy? Be mindful about your feelings and emotions. Emotions are particularly important to keep mind, body, and soul together. Corona is attached with soul and its energy. When you eat tasty food or listen to good music – body gets it through mind and mind makes soul happy, and there by, cells in the human body remain energetic without any disturbance.

Why Corona attacks you?

When you are negative minded and leading a stressful, depressive, and sorrowful life with unhealthy food habit, mind receives negative emotions that disturbs soul’s energy. Now the invisible friend, Corona becomes your enemy to fight your body cells and damages cells, consequently organs gets damaged which in turn leads to death for the body, not for the soul.

Keep Away Corona with Mantra and Sankalpa

So to overcome or win over Corona follow this simple mantra – “Keep Inner Peace” – practice to think positive, be happy, have clean habits, love your neighbor, pay gratitude for whatever you receive, observe mother nature and be sensitive to her, satisfy with what you have today and lead happy life, laugh louder, lead trust worthy friendship, have permitted and healthy sex life, mindful about your body and breath, do not take bad news deep into your mind, do not utter negative words, be open to learn at any age. We born out of mother nature with five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. All these are perfectly related a body: flesh and bones of body is to the Earth, body has 70% Water, Agni (Fire) is to Internal Energy in the body, Air is that we breath sustains life in the body, Ether is the space occupies around the body. When we are from nature, and living in this nature, we are not different from nature. Be in sync with the nature and its cycles through Body, Mind, and Soul. Eventually that develops egoless, positive life within you. In such state you will get what you want from this universe upon just a true wish (dharmic sankalpa).  That is the key to Successful life!

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