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SaaS Java Application Development and Integration Services

GRhombus is a global software development company with more than 20 years of experience in Java development. We are committed to build end-to-end high-quality delivery on time, on optimized budget, with optimal cost of ownership, and using latest and trusted quality technologies for long running sustainable Java solutions.

We serve the needs of businesses such as startups, SaaS companies, and SMEs to large enterprises through our flexible short-term and long-term Java development offerings.

Our Java architects can develop JAVA applications, and also can integrate your Java applications with custom applications, SaaS solutions, third-party services through web services, API connections, and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

At GRhombus,

  • We implement Agile practices and follow lean approach to software development.
  • We focus on delivering quality at every stage of the software development lifecycle.
  • We ensure fast and effective delivery through CI/CD pipeline-based DevOps and automated testing and deployment activities.


Microsoft .NET is a programming language that supports robust ecosystem to build powerful applications that is suitable for any device and platform. We deliver fast, scalable, and reliable .NET-based applications developed that are Cloud-ready. These applications provide fluid user experience through interactive JavaScript SPA and integrate through an enterprise services bus (ESB).

Our consulting services enable you to choose the right technologies to create optimized solutions, address security vulnerabilities, and plugs gaps in business functionality.

You can pick and choose our expert .Net developers either through onsite or offshore model to support your projects based on your needs.


Python 3.x is a dynamic programming language for web development. Our highly-skilled Python developers provide several web development services including scripting, websites development, mobile apps, and GUI applications.

We deliver Python development services with expertise in following frameworks – Django, Flask, Zope, and Pyramid.

Mobile Apps


GRhombus excels in building and delivering robust Android app development services and solutions. With our team of strategists, designers, and developers, we can quickly bring apps to production from concepts to business models for the Android mobile platform.

We offer services in customized Android app development with intuitive UI/UX design that provide value to businesses.


We deliver highly scalable and cost-efficient iOS app development solutions. Our team of iOS application developers are up-to-date with the latest Apple app features. We solve real-life challenges and transform traditional business processes on iPhone and iPad devices with responsive, industry standard code, and highly usable solutions as iOS apps.

Our iOS technical expertise are as follows:

  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), In-App Purchases
  • XML Parsing, JSON Parsing, SOAP response, and Web Services, Social APIs Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Foursquare)
  • UI Kit, Core graphics, UI Animation, CA layer transitions and much more

Data Visualization

Pictures speak thousand words is a popular saying. We enable you to visualize your business data so as to make better decisions and take corrective actions wherever required.

GRhombus has the expertise to strategize and implement data visualization projects end-to-end that integrate with visualization tools to aggregate, classify and build a single view in visually appealing presentation format.

Our data visualization services have helped businesses in various departments, such as:

  • Marketing and Sales – To plan strategic marketing, better understand customer behavior, and forecast sales
  • Finance – To optimize costing, increase sales, control and manage asset procurement
  • Human Resource – To optimize resource utilization, talent Management and training
  • Top Management – To identify key improvement areas across the organization

We offer data visualization solutions on the following technologies – Plotly, Dash, Tableau, Java visualization.

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