IoT Testing


To provide visibility and engagement, the Internet of things (IoT) has fostered a platform of connecting people and objects with the environment.

Tools & Devices

  • Postman
  • Charles Proxy
  • ADB
  • Analytics
  • CMS
  • JIRA/Pivotal Tracker
  • TestRail
  • iTunes/iTools
  • Vend/Hockey/AppCenter/TestFlight
  • Abstract/Zephyr
  • Cerebro
  • Handsets/Phones
  • Tablets/Ipads
  • Smart TVs
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV Box/Roku TV Box
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
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Data Integrity

It’s important to check the Data integrity in IoT testing as it involves large amount of data and its application. Involves backend data testing such as creating containers in CMS to see how data is rendered in App UI etc.


IoT is a combination of multiple protocols, devices, operating systems, firmwaree, hardware, networking layers, a thorough regression testing should be carried out/stratety should be adopted so as overcome upgrade related issues


IoT apps released to Play Store or App Store or Amazon Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store must ensure it works as expected


The Rest API calls are tested to verify the request and response of data with the backend system. turning On/Off keys/flags in Json objects are also initiated.


Operation of the app at different battery levels, its behavior after an upgrade or in situations where there is an interruption (in the form of a call or message) are studied and the app’s IoT functionality is ascertained.


With voice-over-testing of all areas of the app(texts, audio, and video) care is taken to ensure that the app is compatible with usage by differently-abled users as well.


Device orientation switch is performed to check how app UI copes in different devices such as mobiles and tablets. The IoT app’s usage, visibility of text, appeal, and usefulness of the content to the end-user is verified to create a better user experience.


To confirm that the IoT app gives the user output in the format that he would like, the app is tested against specific inputs.


The app is tested against all possible combinations of device versions, communication Protocol versions, mobile devices, resolutions, and mobile OS version to ensure that it is compatible with each of them.


The working of the IoT app is tested with different network connections to make sure that it is in sync with all their backend combination protocols.


Multiple users will be simultaneously accessing the data in an IoT environment. To maintain the data security, each user is validated and it is ensured that the system us GDPR and CCPA compliant.


The overall performance of an IoT app is greatly dependent on its response time, The same is validated by optimizing the code and testing it under different conditions such as less memory, low battery and switching between different network connections.

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