Mobile Testing

Mobile Automation

As the testing proceeds, the repetitive testing is taken over by automated tests. An extensive reliable automation test can reduce the testing time by a considerable amount. There are a wide range of automation tools available for mobile testing.

Compatibility Testing

With more and more popular smartphones and multiple mobile network operators, many more smartphones with different demands, brands and producers have been published. How to make your application work as desired on these various mobile devices will be a big challenge. Mobile compatibility testing is indispensable.

Covers popular operating systems like Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS 6, Windows etc. It also covers different versions of the same OS.

Run app with the popular apps, like anti-virus software, popular social software, general chat software, general browsers, GPS application etc.
For web apps and hybrid apps, the general browsers should be covered in the compatibility testing.
Also, app needs to be compatible with other apps with similar functionality.

There are various smartphones on the market. The different models of the same brand are covered in the compatibility testing. Also, mobile phones of different brands with the same operating system are tested.

For the information system, the popular database: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server should be covered when doing the compatibility testing. Also, data exchange with other applications is necessary to be tested for the information system. The data can be words with the format, forms, pictures etc. At last, data from former versions should be inherited and available to the current application

Mobile Security Testing

Mobile application security testing can help ensure there aren’t any loopholes in the software that may cause data loss. The sets of tests are meant to attack the app to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities that would allow external persons or systems to access private information stored on the mobile device.

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