Mobile Testing

Mobile Automation

In a testing environment, many actions are repetitive in nature. By allowing an automation test to take over, a significant reduction in the time required for testing can be achieved. With a wide range of automation tools available, one can expect an increase in reliability and precision.

Compatibility Testing

These days, there are more cell brands with each of them producing hundreds of different models. Each such model comes with its unique specifications. An application developer has to be cautious and ensure that his application is compatible with all of this.

Here it is first checked to see if the app is compatible with different operating systems. Once that is sorted, further checks are conducted to see if it works fine on different versions of the same OS.

At this stage, the app is tested to see if it is compatible with other apps that have similar functionality. For this, it is run with other popular apps like the general chat software, general browsers, GPS applications, anti-virus software, etc.

Multiple smartphones are used to test the compatibility of the application on the design. This includes devices of different brands as well as those of the same brand but having different operating systems.

Databases such as the SQL, MySQL, and Oracle servers should be covered while checking the compatibility of an application. Working on such an information system facilities the tester to understand how the app will perform when there is an exchange of data between multiple applications. At this stage, tests are conducted to ensure that data from former versions of the application are automatically inherited to the latest one. The data may be in text, images, videos or any other form.

Mobile Security Testing

Mobile security testing is done to ensure that there is no loss of data due to any loophole in the application design. Here, the app is attacked in every possible way to identify potential vulnerabilities that may be misused by an external system.

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