Security Testing

Risk/Security Assessment:

The objective of a security risk assessment is to identify, access and implement key security controls in applications. This is done to avoid vulnerabilities and application security defects. By viewing the application’s portfolio from an attacker’s perspective, the manager gets a better picture of where the application stands, Not only does this help in better tooling and security control implementation, but it also allows one to make better-informed decisions about resource allocation. Conducting a risk assessment is at the heart of any organization’s risk management process.

Code Reviews:

Introducing secure code review in the early stages of the development life cycle helps to curtail overhead costs. Opting for a strategic review of the software’s code helps to identify potential security threats and remediate them at the earliest.

Ethical hacking /Penetration Testing:

The primary objective of opting for ethical hacking is to identify security vulnerabilities. The process starts with the initiator making an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer system. Usually, penetration testing mimics the strategies of malicious hackers and resolves the vulnerabilities before such a hacker can exploit them.

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