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Who we are?

Established in May 2014, GRhombus Consulting have made a mark in the end-to-end Software Development and DevOps including manual, automation, and security testing. Over time, GRhombus established itself as a pioneer in Data Visualization, IoT Testing, and Salesforce Development and Testing on Cloud. Driven by the guidance of experts with more than 25 years of industry experience, the GRhombus family is now expanded to over 200 members. We our team of experts, we serve clients in Europe, UK, USA, and the Middle East. Committed to nourishing long-term relationships with our clients, we are dedicated to ensuring an uninterrupted flow of delivery all the time. Our highly dedicated team ensures that this is done to every single project, even when we are dealing with

GRhombus – Services

Grhombus is the top software development agency in Hyderabad. We are specialized in managing software development and automation testing, starting from a project until its finishing. We aim to deliver user-friendly and feature-rich solutions.

We have worked with various sectors, including education, healthcare, retail, banking, and Finance, throughout the years. It helps us to create a deep insight into every industry precisely.

Our core specializations CRM Development Company in Hyderabad

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the essential tools to manage customer data. Every industry is dealing with the customers, where they need custom CRM development services. At Grhombus, our team specializes in providing CRM development services in Hyderabad that understand the functionality of the market. The request for CRM can vary, and our strong capabilities can meet everyone’s demand on time.

We also offer customized CRM software development services in Hyderabad for different clients. CRM software is the best combination of human personnel with the technology to keep the customer’s information updated.

Features of customized CRM Software:
● Data consolidation at one place
● Complete customer analyses
● Build a standardization process
● Tracking of interactions via different modes
● Prediction about business sales and potential customers
● Increased revenue with the optimized sales process

If you are also confused about getting a clear overview of your potential customers, try Salesforce CRM development services to see everything in one place: customer history, order status, dues, and many more.

Grhombus developers have years of experience and excellent knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development that meets your requirements at the best affordable rates.

IOT in Hyderabad

IoT creates enhanced opportunities for businesses, processes, and engagement. It allows the user to control the devices remotely over a network. For surviving in the competition, the companies are required to spend on getting good quality services. Our IoT experience allows us to test smart web, desktop, and mobile applications while considering each industry’s particulars.

We have also proven experience as the IoT software development company with all the best industry standards and approaches. We aim to grab every innovative IoT idea to makes the devices communicable and make life easier.

Grhombus expertise team enables clients to build connected devices and applications with the combination of the latest tools. With our in-house expertise, we test IoT software taking into account their complex architecture, variety of data, and particularities of IoT ecosystems.

To overcome the IoT journey challenges, you can contact Grhombus, the best IoT development company in Hyderabad.

IOT services at Grhombus
● Compatibility testing
● Scalability and reliability testing
● Authenticity testing
● Data testing
● Usability testing
● IoT Performance testing
● IoT Security and privacy testing
Software Development Agency in Hyderabad

The market is already loaded with many software development company sites, but what differentiates Grhombus “Quality with unique methodologies.” Grhombus is one of the leading top software development companies in Hyderabad that perform designing and developing high-quality applications.

We are a team of software engineers who specialize in providing all solutions by using the latest technology such as PHP, ASP, VB, HTML, JAVA, and backends like MS SQL, MS Access, etc.

As a software development organization in Hyderabad, we deliver all software development services such as custom software development, product development, ERP, web development, and many more. Custom software development is all about designing software applications for a particular user with their required customizations.

Our specialization in software development:
● Software consulting
● Custom software development
● Software product development
● Code generation and testing
● Deployment, training, and support

Hand over your software development projects to us, and we ensure to develop innovative software applications with a combination of emerging technology.

Testing in Hyderabad

As a leading automation testing company, we ensure high ROI and overall business development with the holistic automation testing services. Automation testing is a type of software testing by the automation testing company in which execution of the test series is performed. It helps to know the system scalability and reliability and ensure that your new product versions shall not face any bug.

Our experienced testers provide automated testing services for websites, iOS & Android mobile apps, and other software. Grhombus has been successfully helping in serving clients with their mobile automation testing services. We undertake the complete responsibility for testing services in Hyderabad by creating an optimized test plan.

Our testing services include:
● Functional testing
● Automation testing
● Security testing
● Mobile testing
● Accessibility testing
● Integration testing
● UI testing

With the focus on top quality services and the successful test automation implementation, we are considered the best companies for automation testing with customization solutions.

Ed Tech Company in Hyderabad

The EdTech companies are taking online education at the higher level with an exciting approach. It’s all about making the learning easy and fun for the students with education app development. EdTech is the combination of Information technology tools with education. With the broader software services, Grhombus is a leading provider of technology services to the EduTech sector.

We are continually bringing the advanced tools to leverage the technology to enhance the teacher-student online education experience.

Our Ed Tech services
● Learning management system
● Virtual learning options
● Personalized learning models
● Professional development and training
● Q & A application development

Hire our team to develop your personalized Edtech platform with the assurance of smooth functioning of applications.

What we do?

Financial Services

We help our Banks and FinTech clients to meet the market demands, technological shifts, and regulatory compliance with robust, secure, and efficient end-to-end solutions across all touch points in the ecosystem.


We empower academic institutions to simplify learning and overcome challenges with respect to domain knowledge, cost optimization, evolving technology, and problem diagnostics.

Life Science

We offer innovative software solutions catering to diverse players such as hospitals, clinical labs, pharma, healthcare services, diagnostic centers, etc.


We transform multi-channel retailers to improve their sales, profitability, and customer experience.


We enable Telecom and Broadband industry to scale up to meet the ever-growing demands for seamless communication.


We simplify events management for global enterprises with robust and flexible solutions from start to finish.

Why GRhombus?

Approachable management

Over 2 decades of diversified domain expertise.

Certified experts and professionals recognized by the global clients.

Client endorsed quality services.

Dedicated resources and excellence.

Adaptability to the latest technology trends.

Customer budget oriented optimized solutions.

Any time zone, round the clock availability.

Our core values

Excellence in Quality. Doing the right things right.

We transform innovation into service that creates value.

Great place to work with an engaged workforce leading to customer success.

Work together to achieve customer goals.

Emphasis on long term business relationships.

Continuous learning and understanding of unique knowledge, behaviour and skills.

Understand and accept the consequences of actions in responsible areas.

Respect different cultures.


Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Herndon, VA, USA

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